The importance of knowing yourself

In life we tend to do things that please and make other people happy. We always want to compromise our values and our principles just to be accepted by those who are around us. It took time for us to do self-introspection, it took time for us even to understand ourselves. Those people who are around us, are having a tendency of thinking that they know you better than you know yourself.

There is this say in Xhosa “umntu yinkos’ uzazi” , no one knows you better than yourself. In the process of pleasing other people, we lost our identities, we waste more time of knowing ourselves better and we waste time repeating the same mistakes.

When you don’t know your true you, you tend to misunderstand other people, you tend to hurt other people who knows themselves better. It is very significant to know yourself.
I know it takes time to know the real you, but trust me when time goes by you will eventual know yourself.

Above all of that you have to forgive yourself first, forgiving yourself about the things you did to yourself and you have to forgive everyone about everything they’ve caused you.

Watch the video of Thandiswa Mazwai “Abenguni”, just hope it will help  African Youth to know themselves better.



Big up to fearless African Women

Big up to the fearless African woman who fought for freedom not for democracy, they put their lives at risk. All they wanted was to see this continent being free from all kinds of yokes it was in. I’m pretty much sure that criticising and discouraging each other was the last thing in their minds.

Their minds were full of how they can change the system that was oppressing “Black People”. They were so passionate about changing  life of a Black person to be better than it was before.

There were so much brave  that anything can happen, they didn’t care about the legal actions that they might came-across from the white government.

womenekpo2Laurney hillTIA-Miriam-Makeba-Xhosa-MusicianwhoopiWomen'S Liberation Movement In Washington, United States On August 26, 1970 -MAYA1angela-davis

Iphupha Lam 2017 News Letter

Be the change you want to see.

Iphupha Lam Youth Leadership continues to make change in Cape Town townships using leadership and entrepreneurship as a tool. Should you wish to visit us, we operate on Saturdays in Mutual at TSiBA Education (Room 208). Contact us at 074 3769 846. Also email us at


Click on the link below to get the 2017 News Letter” an email can be sent to those who want this to their email.

Xenophobia is killing our Continent

Different as we are according to our languages we are speaking, cultures and customs, our backgrounds and the countries we are living in. All of those things that are mentioned above are showing that everyone is unique and everyone is different BUT that does not mean that we are not Africans, we are Africans. Our cultures, customs and different languages we speak do not make us to be superior or inferior among each other. We are all people and we want to be treated with love and respect.

There is something that I observe is that everyone wants her/his tribe to dominate among others and everyone wants his tribe to be respected. Let us show respect to each other’s tribes. Being (Xhosa, Zulu or Swahili) does not mean you are better African than others. It just defines who you are and it also define that you belong in Africa.

It is good to know where do we come from as Africans, at some point we turn do things to other due to some reasons that we think are valid reasons, insulting each, killing each other and under mining each other it won’t resolve anything. Instead will become enemies and we will continue embarrassing ourselves to other nations, some nations knows us as beautiful continent and continent that is full of people, who  are loving each other, who are united and who are having spirit of Ubuntu.

“Give yourself time to listen to this video clip” 

In our days we are having a privilege to learn and understand other people’s languages and cultures, lot of people are immigrants they move from their place of birth to other countries by means of looking for greener pastures some of those immigrants are our friends and some are our in-laws. When they arrive to our countries let us welcome them and love them and make use of opportunities of learning their language, backgrounds and about their cultures and customs. Let us stop xenophobia and be united to fight those individuals who are killing our continent by selling drugs and raping young and old women.I am African not just African but a Proudly African. Are you a Proudly African?


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Africans are deeply wounded

We will never be accepted to other races for the near fact that we being seen as animals. Almost everywhere we go we are being called “monkeys” our fore fathers fought the struggle to be liberated and our father fought the same struggle and it seems like we will fight the same struggle. I am asking myself “why we have to fight the same struggle?”

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We were given freedom and some words were banished not be used again but it seems like they are back again, it seems like they are defining who we are to other races. Why can’t we enjoy this freedom without being mistreated?

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Black person is deeply wounded

Black person is deeply wounded

Black person is deeply wounded

There is nothing good that we do in the eyes of the enemy

We never be seen as human being

“Listen enemy we are human being, we are not animals and we will never become animals.”

We are  proud of whom we are, we are so proud of our black skin and we are so proud with our black strong hairs.We do not put chemicals in our hairs in order for us to be beautiful, we are beautiful with our black strong hairs.

What can we do to stop this?

This battle is beyond our strength

We went to the authorities fighting for our rights, fighting for us to be seen as human being not animals.It is clear that we will never be accepted, we do not get help even from the authorities. We were born like this and we will die with our black skin, skin bleaching is damaging our skins some of us accepted that we will never become white.

This is a black pain

This is our black pain

We are beautiful race with our black skins and strong beautiful hairs




Author:Sinazo Sem-sem

“Ibhinqa yimbongodo”

There are  a lot of things that a  woman faces in her life and there are a lot of daily challenges that a woman is facing in her. It is supposed to be a daily thing to give honour to woman. Home is not home without a woman,nation is not a nation without a woman and continent is not a continent without a woman. It takes a woman to unite people who are not united, it takes a woman to clothe an orphan and the street kind. It is a God given gift to woman to narture everything that is happening around.

“You strike the rock you strike the women , you strike the women you strike the rock……..”


There only person who can multi task  is  a woman, they are not thought to multi task it is a God given gift. Home is not a home without a woman because a woman  is  a helper and a comforter when things are not  going well.

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Woman are so strong and brave they carry a child for  nine months, they can play a role of a father figure in a life of a child if a child’s father is not being  responsible. They are the first people to be told  when there is something that is in need in the kitchen. Woman play a bigger  role at home,in the community and in the entire world. Woman have a strength to do a lot of things, they can work in mines, they can drive big buses and they can be a father figure if the father of the house  is not responsible.

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Phambili ngama bhinqa phambili!!!!!!


Author: Sinazo Sem-sem

African Beer Umqombothi

African beer “umqombothi”  is a beer that is hand crafted by the African women, in the olden days it was drink by old people in certain ceremonies. The people who were allowed to drink umqombothi  was men “amadoda”, they were enjoying this kind of beer and they were having a “spirit of Ubuntu” because of they  were sharing umqombothi, if a man is having umqombothi in his house will call his neighbours to come and drink.

In some countries of Africa “african beer” it is called palm wine countries such as Congo,DRC Congo, Zambia,Gabon,Cameroon and many more. They do not use the same recipe to make African beer.


Umqombothi is loved  by lot of Africans, they respect this kind of beer, they use to  drink it with respect because it was pass from generation to generation it was drink by our forefathers. When time goes by women and children were allowed to drink umqombothi only if it is  crafted for the ceremony at home. In our days umqombothi is drink for ceremonies and also for fun.



There is an African woman who is singing a song about African Beer “umqombothi” her name is Yvonne chakaka. This song  was composed by Sello “Chicco” Twala and Attie van Wyk in 1988 the title of the album is “thank you Mr. Dj”.

Author:Sinazo Sem-sem

Inga Gubeka African Entrepreneur

As young entrepreneurs, there is so much challenges that are scary and demotivating. But if you work harder you can accomplish your goal. This is a very interesting story of a young African entrepreneur who distinguish himself by having a brilliant and unique idea of creating something that was never conceived before.


Inga Gubeka was born in Eastern Cape he grew up in Durban, he is 27 years old. He came to Cape Town to study graphic design but dropped then he went to Damelin College in Johannesburg to do interior design, he graduated in 2009.He started to work at Design Mart as an interior designer, after six months he realised that he wants to start his own business. He did a course in carpentry and product making that’s where the idea of the wooden bags came about.


1223215_1010491             Indalo-Decor-Inga-Gubeka--e1445352403341

Inga came to Cape Town in 2013 he established his business Indalo Décor, he named his business after his child “Ndalo”. Gubeka came up with a beautiful idea of making wooden bags and he stated to do research if there is anyone who is making these kind of bags, he only finds people who are making wooden sunglasses and watches he did not find anyone who is making wooden bags. He started to make bags that are made  of wood.


He does not limit himself in selling here in south Africa is also expanding his market to overseas in country such as: France, Germany, Australia and England and so forth.

As a young entrepreneur he faced some challenges which was a lack of understanding business background and he was out of cash. Because he was so passionate and he love his job, he carried on doing his amazing job and overcome those challenges.

This an amazing story and very inspiring for us young people, no matter who you are you can also accomplish what Inga Gubeka accomplished. I will like to hear from you, so please leave your comment below. xoxo

Author: Sinazo Sem-sem

Editor: Eunice Tshowa Kalala